About Us

Welcome to Mr. Wright’s Third grade class at Wyman Elementary school in Rolla, Missouri. We are a T.E.C. classroom. T.E.C. stands for Technology Enhanced Classroom. Students share a desktop computer for all kinds of technology activities. We also use eInstruction CPS clickers (Mr. Wright calls them remotes.) to poll the class to see how well students are understanding the objectives at hand. We frequently use our Smartboard which is an Interactive WhiteBoard to share interactive lessons for the whole class.

We use Web 2.0 technologies including this blog to help support our learning. We are learning to use Smart Notebook, Microsoft Office, Google Sketch-up, Geogabra, Photo Story 3, Windows Movie Maker, video, audio and the internet in our studies.


To learn more specifically what our class is up to, visit our Class Info site.


Want to know more about Mr. Wright? You can check out his Curriculum Vitae.