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Confused about Accelerated Reader (AR)? Don't because there many people that are in the same boat as you. This web page has been constructed to help you understand the AR program. Then you can help your child to do his or her best in reading.

Simply use the links below to begin learning more about Accelerated Reader.

Learn about AR...

Star Testing - The STAR test is used to determine the reading ability of students at the beginning of the year. That score is used to measure growth over the course of the year.

AR Terms - Accelerated Reader has a lot of specialized terminology. Find out what it means here.

Sample Test and Story - Would you like to try your hand at a story and test. Take this online example.

AR Reports and AR Levels - Learn how to read your child's AR reports and all about AR levels.

Tips for Improving Accuracy - Help your child to become more successful in AR.

Other AR Resources - Other helpful AR links.

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