2) Think About the Story

You have finished the story. Before you take the test, think about what you read. Try answering these questions:

Could you answer all of those questions. If you did you may be ready to take the test, if you are read the instructions below and click Take Test. If you had trouble answering those questions, maybe you should reread the story.

Test Instructions

Read the question and select the answer that best answers the question. Press the letter next to the answer that you have chosen. A smiley face : ) will appear if you answered correctly. Click the button with the forward arrow => to go to the next question. After the fifth question, your average correct will appear at the top of the page. When you are finished, click the Back Home button. Remember, don't go back to the story and look for answers, that's cheating. This online test will allow you to go back and answer again if you answered incorrectly, this is not an option on a real AR test. A score of 70% and above is considered passing.

Reread the Story
Take the Test

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